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Bellhousing, Manual, Steel, Chevy, Small Block V8/V6, Each.


Designed for 1984-92 Camaro and Firebird with hydraulic clutch linkage-style transmission. Fits 153 and 168-tooth flywheels. Drilled for 17 degree canted T5.

Lakewood safety bellhousings are designed for maximum performance and durability. They are cut on CNC 5 axis laser cutters rather than plasma cutters to improve finish quality, reduce heat damage and warpage from the plasma cutter, improve speed of manufacture, and make them all exactly the same. All bellhousings feature a scalloped plate on the bottom of the transmission surface made from G70 grade steel (70,000) psi which will help eliminate stripping the transmission bolts. The engine plates are made of H60 grade material and the bells are roto-brated after welding to relive any stresses created from the hydro forming, annealing, or welding process prior to machining and painting. The roto-brating process also closes the metal on the outer surface making them stronger. Ever wonder how the SFI tests bellhousings like these Lakewood safety bellhousings? First, they bolt the bellhousing to a machine with a cast iron flywheel and saw inside it. Then they spin the flywheel, causing the saw to cut through it until it explodes. If the bellhousing can contain the explosion, the bellhousing is approved. These safety bellhousings are a safeguard to minimize the destructive effects of such an explosion. Don't take unnecessary chances with your safety and the safety of innocent bystanders--Lakewood not only provides top-notch products, they also provide peace of mind.


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