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Holley flottör, notched

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Holley flottör, notched.

Holley carburetor float kits work with side-hung and center-hung Demon and aftermarket Holley carburetor floats, as well as many OE Holley, Ford, Chrysler, GM, Motorcraft, AMC, and Rochester marine carburetors. Offered in brass and Nitrophyl for internally and externally adjustable floats, they're available as primary floats, secondary floats, and secondary floats with notches that include jet extensions. Holley's wedged floats feature a reinforced float bracket assembly that allows more fuel to flow through the bracket—especially when using bottom-feed needles and seats.

Technical notes for Holley carburetor float kits:

  • Wedged floats are designed for oval track use, so the float stays open in turns
  • The use of brass floats on the secondary side of Model 4160 carburetors factory-equipped with Nitrophyl floats may result in loss of fuel control and flooding if the floats contact the metering plate
  • You should only install jet extensions and notched floats in rear fuel bowls.

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